I made a website!


Kind of a bio:

I was born in Mc Allen, texas and moved to many different places in the US for the remainder of my life. When most people are seven they always ask "why". I always said: "Did you know..." I kept doing that for a while until my own mother told me that I was acting like a smart [Bleep] which she might not remember. That happened when i was about 10. Act 10 I was ADDICTED to Pokemon (even though my sister always beat me). My favorite pokemon at the time was Mudkip. (I had hopped along the pokemon bandwagon at R/S/E. I LOVED pokemon Ruby, It was my birthstone and I felt lucky even playing it. But then came the time where the Pokemon bandwagon got full and I was pushed out. Still play pokemon B/W today but not as enthusiastically. When I was 11 and a half, me and my mother's friend. I was just googleing how to build a computer and then I stumbled on Howstuffworks.com. One of the related how to's was How to jailbreak your Iphone. It was not informative at all. So then I became addicted to Jailbreaking iphones. I had tried 4 times jailbreaking. 3 worked. My phone is jailbroken and I have over customized it beyond recognition. I eventually stopped being obsessed with it as much and then got addicted to AQ Worlds. Which is where I got my username "philboy11". Now when you think of that name you think of a boy named Phil who is 11. I am a teenager but the name still fits me somehow. My name isn't even phil. Kinda wish it was. AQ got boring to me after a while and my friend was telling me to try out Starcraft. I googled "Miarcraft"  (typo). Google said: Showing results form minecraft (or something). I played minecraft classic. MIND BLOWN. For about 10 minutes. Got bored of building by myself and then got addicted to Minecraft Classic Multiplayer. MIND BLOWN AGAIN. Join a server called "Wingless's Server" and became an adv builder. One day his server randomly closed. That was the end of that. So then a new kid joined our school and I thought he was going tobe one of the guys who would pick on me. We got paired together for a project and I asked him: "So, ever heard of minecraft?" He was a minecraft addict. We became friends after that. He had minecraft Alpha. I didn't. So he let me borrow his account. The first thing I did in Alpha was cheat. I invedited all the supplies to make a house. Eventually I became bored of vanilla minecraft. Was about to stop playing minecraft entirely until I accidentally stumbled upon the modding section of the minecraft forum. I installed 3 mods every day since then. Then, just  before beta came out, I bought minecraft. I wanted to support this epic game. So then skip the MMI wars and then I learned to make mods the end BYE.